Your Ultimate 'Recreational’ Destination | You Discover Florida Local
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Your Ultimate ‘Recreational’ Destination

Your Ultimate ‘Recreational’ Destination

Your Ultimate ‘Recreational’ Destination

Miami is world-famous for its nightlife by the beach and the endless activities you can do in the city. It has something great to offer everyone. Other events like shopping, mall-hopping, trying out cuisines, and visiting local family-owned businesses will make your stay like no other. Deep-sea fishing and sports like golf and tennis are also things tourists look forward to when traveling to Miami. This city has a great appreciation for culture and the arts, which makes it a lively and creative place.

There is no better way to appreciate it than immersing yourself in this Floridian city!

Ways to Get Here

Through the Miami International Airport (MIA)

The Miami International Airport (MIA) caters to around 45 million people annually and 157 flights daily. It is not only an entry point to Miami but also a significant point of entry to the country. Therefore, getting a trip to this city is not only inevitable but is pretty much available anytime. The airport was designed to accommodate an average of 125,000 guests a day, so there are so many choices for food, leisure, shopping, and entertainment inside the facility. A considerable number of shops there are local, giving you extra time to feel the city even when you are waiting for your flight home.

Through Port Miami

Miami holds one of the most modern ports in the world. It is passenger-friendly even to differently-abled individuals. Special arrangements for those who need extra help can always be requested. The drop-off points are also conveniently located in front of the terminals to make traveling efficient for everyone. Checking-in and boarding systems are designed for both locals and tourists to have a comfortable experience going to their destinations.

Must-Do in Miami, FL

Must-Do in Miami, FL | You Discover Florida

Go to Miami Beach

If you are into long stretches of white sandy beaches, this place will amaze you. It is composed of peaceful neighborhoods, yet establishments that offer exciting entertainment are just around. Some of the places that tourists mostly look forward to are the South Beach and the Art Deco Historic District. These areas are characterized by infrastructures from the 1930s and a touch of neon signs from the 1940s.

Restaurants, high-class hotels, and shopping centers are situated near the beach to always have the Miami Beach feel. Ocean Drive is the most well-known street with establishments facing the majestic view of the ocean. You will surely go home with tan lines that will last for long!

Vizcaya, Florida’s grandest residence | You Discover Florida

Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum was the winter home of James Deering, one of history’s famous industrialists in the 20th century. On a 28-acre land, a mansion of 34 rooms was built in 1916. The Italian Renaissance-style heavily influenced the architecture in this place. It is known that around 1,100 workers from Europe were brought over to this place to assure authenticity in creating the features of the villa. There are numerous pieces of antique furniture and decorative artworks from the 15th to 19th centuries found inside the house.

The garden landscape features French and Italian fountains and sculptures. At the end of the steps, the breakwater to the Biscayne Bay is made of feminine figures that were meticulously carved.

Roam Around Bayside Marketplace | You Discover Florida

Roam Around Bayside Marketplace

The Bayside Marketplace is an outdoor mall setup that is attractive to tourists because of the availability of a wide array of options. It has beyond 150 tourist shops, restaurants, cafes, and other forms of entertainment. Even locals love this place!

This setup is found in front of Miami’s docks where boats of different sizes usually dock and park. Even just the ambiance of the place draws people. It is also where boat tours start and end, making it convenient to access from most spots in the city. A water taxi service can bring you to Miami Beach.

Final Thoughts

The reason why Miami is always on top of the list of places that tourists love is that they have become an essential part of the culture of the city. The long-stretching beaches, party places, and even the locals are waiting for you. Experience what Miami feels, it never disappoints!

Check out the latest events happening in Miami, FL this weekend! Head out to our events page to know more.

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