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Why Florida Is an Ideal Place for a Honeymoon

Why Florida Is an Ideal Place for a Honeymoon

Why Florida Is an Ideal Place for a Honeymoon

After the stressful wedding planning, the wedding itself, and the reception where you’re both almost always surrounded by everyone you know, your honeymoon is the first time you get to travel and enjoy each other’s company in peace as a married couple.

But let’s face it — planning for your honeymoon can be nerve-wracking. Since you only get to experience your honeymoon once, you want to make sure that everything’s well-planned and that you’re heading to a location that’s perfect for the two of you.

Exotic beaches from other countries may sound appealing, but most honeymooners don’t realize that they don’t need to leave the US for a romantic escapade as newlyweds. Florida is an ideal escape for a honeymoon, complete with pristine shores, romantic spots, and fun adventures just for two.

Here are some reasons why The Sunshine State is the ultimate honeymoon destination:

Florida Keys

Florida Keys Beach | You Discover Florida

This string of islands off the southern tip of Florida gives off a tropical vibe that makes you feel like you’re out of the country. So head out to Key West and visit Duval Street if you’re looking for good food in the daytime and a fun nightlife when the sunsets.

If you both love sightseeing or history, visit the historic lighthouse on Key Biscayne and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole island or watch the sunset as you start a romantic night. For adventurous couples looking for the next adventure, head on out to Key Largo and snorkel at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Admire the view below and swim with the schools of fish for an adventure to remember.


Clearwater Beach | You Discover Florida

Another famous Floridian destination for honeymooners is Clearwater. Known for its white sandy beaches and clear waters, there are plenty of perfect spots at Clearwater Beach for you to lie back and enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves or take part in water activities.

Visit Pier 60, one of Clearwater’s popular spots, and watch the sunset over the ocean. It has other amenities like a bait and tackle shop where tourists can rent equipment. Also, visit various restaurants and souvenir shops along The Beachwalk, which stretches Clearwater’s sandy shores.

Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach | You Discover Florida

You will find Santa Rosa along the Emerald Coast. From the name of the coast, the beaches glitter under the sun with emerald waters. However, breathtaking views of beaches aren’t the only thing Santa Rosa Beach provides. It also provides a luxurious honeymoon experience, from high-end places to stay to fine dining.

Couples who are nature lovers can visit Point Washington State Forest, where you can hike along trails of various terrains. You can also explore the state forest through horseback for a romantic experience.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island | You Discover Florida

If you and your spouse prefer a more laid-back vibe and relax on secluded beaches away from busy tourist spots, then Sanibel Island is just right for you. Experience nature and enjoy your time alone as a couple by biking and hiking along nature trails.

Stay in luxurious accommodations and watch the sunset while having a romantic dinner on a cruise. Stay at the Sundial Beach Resort and Spa for a full-service resort experience and plenty of amenities to choose from. One of the popular activities to do at Sanibel Island is shelling. Visit The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum that showcases some of the rarest shells in the world.

Amelia Island

Amelia island | You Discover Florida

Create the perfect honeymoon memories on Amelia Island. The island has plenty of resorts for the two of you to choose from for comfortable and luxurious honeymoon accommodation. Watch the sunset while having freshly-caught seafood for dinner alfresco-style.

Plan an idyllic honeymoon with your spouse on this island and visit Fernandina Beach. Swim and snorkel on the pristine beach. You can also go shopping in the boutiques and dine in the restaurants that line Fernandina Beach. It’s the perfect place for a tranquil honeymoon.

If none of these choices seem like a good fit, you may want to consider Daytona Beach! It’s not the world’s most famous beach for nothing.

Final Thoughts

Your honeymoon is your first time to travel together as a couple as you begin your married life. Create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime with various places in Florida as your setting. The tropical, laid-back ambiance, beautiful beaches, and fun, romantic activities will ensure that you start your life together on the right foot.

Look for more Florida destinations that are perfect for you and your spouse. Visit our home page for more destinations and activities for the ideal getaway. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and upcoming events!

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