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Top 8 Must-Visit Breweries in St. Petersburg

Top 8 Must-Visit Breweries in St. Petersburg

Top 8 Must-Visit Breweries in St. Petersburg

Although you can buy most alcoholic beverages in the city from stores and gas stations, some breweries offer exceptional beers and beverages. Beer and brewery enthusiasts often search for a rich history, unique products, and an excellent environment.  If you are among these enthusiasts, then you should check out the top 8 must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg- the Sunshine City of Florida.

Why is St. Petersburg A Premier Destination for Craft Breweries?

If the West side of California is known for its Napa Valley wine country, the east side of Florida is known for St. Petersburg’s craft beverages and breweries.  With more than 30 breweries in the city, tourists can enjoy a cold one on the white beach fronts, hotel pools, or in their rooms. Cocktails and other alcoholic beverages are also popular in St.Petersburg. A typical day would not be complete in this city without margaritas on a night out or an icy cold lager after surfing the waves.

Most of the breweries in the city started as small businesses using homegrown ingredients and local processes. Visiting these breweries is also not a hassle because the breweries have branches within walking distance from the beach resorts and hotels. A few require a short taxi ride, but the journey is worth the beverage that you would taste once you get there.

The locals and some returning tourists widely know St Petersburg beverages. Breweries around the city have something to offer for everybody. These breweries will deliver whether you like citrus IPAs, fruity sours, or bitter ales. So if you are excited to have a beer run and visit breweries in this place, here is the list of the must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg that are accessible, affordable, and top-notch.

Top 8 St. Petersburg’s Best Breweries

Among the many breweries in St. Petersburg, here is a list of the top breweries. These breweries are known for their cozy ambiance, affordable prices, excellent products, and good reputation among the locals.

1. If I Brewed the World

First on our list of must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg is If I Brewed the World.

Although one of the newest breweries in St. Petersburg, If I Brewed the World is among the best in the city. The brewery was once a dream of Kevin Shaw, a St. Pete resident who started with a homebrew kit. Kevin has been brewing for half a decade before establishing his brewery. Since its opening in 2018, If I Brewed the World has garnered over 30 awards.

Now, If I Brewed the World has an entire coffee table book about beers. Although it has a small taproom, the brewery has a vibe of a favorite community pub, with usual lagers and malts, and of course, their customized beer.

Kevin treats his brews as “mixtapes,” and there are some exciting creations that you should try. The Crunchberry Cereal, a beer that tastes like Captain Crunch Berry soaked in milk, or the Espresso Yourself Stout, which tastes like coffee without the heavy caffeine, are some of the brews that will surprise you.

If you are in St. Petersburg, do not miss out on the chance to visit this brewery located at 2200 1st Avenue, a few minutes away from the city’s beach fronts. You can grab a pint from 3 pm until 10 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Every Friday, they hold a happy hour, and the brewery is open from 3 pm until 12 am. On weekends, you can grab lunch because they open earlier at 12noon and close at midnight.

2. Green Bench Brewing Company

St Petersburg’s earlier moniker, “The City of Green Benches,” inspired this brewery. The city was known because there were over 2,500 benches positioned on the city streets, prompting its residents to form a strong community. Using the city’s rich history, owners Steven Duffy, Nathan Stonecipher, and Kris Johnson started Green Bench Brewing Company.

Like many other must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg, Green Bench Brewing Company was a hobby until it became a small business. They are among the pioneers in the area, but their journey was far from easy.

The three owners must beg the local authorities to permit them to brew and sell in the City center. When they were starting, craft beer did not receive widespread public interest, and craft beer only makes up to less than 3% of Florida’s beer. During that time, craft beer in the city was not a “thing,” so to speak.

Still, the owners overcame this uphill struggle, and now Green Bench Brewing Company is standing proudly on 1133 Baum Ave and has a 1,500 square foot, 12 tap tasting room. They also offer a rare opportunity for tourists to go around their brewhouse. They serve daily, except on Mondays from 12 noon until 10 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, they open until midnight.

Most of their beverages are centered around IPA flavors: tropical, citrus, and dry-hopped. The Green Bench Brewing Company features Sunshine City IPA as their core offering on the menu. If you feel experimental, you can try their “Creation of the Day,” a craft made with the recent experimentative wood fermentation, yeast formations, and bacteria cultures.

3. Cycle Brewing

Cycle Brewing was initially part of Peg’s Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Gulfport. Doug Dozark founded the brewery, and when it moved to the city, it was once a backyard brewery. Now, it is located at Central Avenue and is recognized among the iconic craft breweries in St. Petersburg. Many critics and magazines include Cycle Brewing among their top list.

In 2017, CycleBrewing won 5th place in the top 10 breweries globally recognized by RateBeer Awards. Since then, Cycle Brewing has been known for its craft beers sold out within hours of being introduced. Most of them are stouts and IPAs that have been aged in barrels of bourbon, cognac, tequila, and whiskey.

If you want to try out their world-renowned crafts, you can visit them at 534 Central Avenue. Make sure to come early because lines are forming up even before their opening time of 3 pm. You can sample their brews until midnight every day, except for Sunday because they close earlier at 10 pm.

4. St. Pete Brewing Co.

This is one of the must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg at 544 1st Avenue is known for its artsy walls and hop-forward IPAs. St. Pete Brewing Company uses the city’s famous banyan trees as inspiration for its interior paintings. Most of its walls have street art designed by local street legend Derek Donnelly.

St. Pete’s Brewing Company has 21 taps and a spacious tasting room adjacent to the brewhouse, letting visitors see the brewing up close. Their signature brews are the St. Pete Orange Wheat and the Banyan Blonde. You could also enjoy a sip of their crafts with a scenic view of the beachfront.

You can get good beer from St. Pete Brewing Company every day from 1 pm until 11 pm. They open earlier at noon on Fridays and Sundays, and at 11 am on Saturdays.

5. 3 Daughters Brewing

Next in this list of must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg is the 3 Daughters Brewing.

Craft beers of 3 Daughters Brewing started as a batter for fish suppers created by Mike Harting and Ty Weaver. They were business partners experimenting with new recipes while working at a local restaurant.

While creating beer-batters for fish, they made their brews. Later on, they realized that these brews were too good to become a different product. The name was inspired by the question, “How many beers would have to be sold to fund the college of three daughters?”

The 3 Daughters Brewing was built at 222 22nd Street and only started 30 barrels. Now, Mike and Ty’s brewery has a 10,000 square foot facility producing their recipes. Each year, 3 Daughters Brewery sells 60,000 barrels of craft beer and is known for its family-friendly environment and live shows.

If you want to experience each of its 60 beers on tap, you can visit from 2 pm until 10 pm on Mondays until Thursdays, and they close later at midnight every Friday. On Saturdays, 3 Daughters Brewing opens at noon and closes at midnight. The brewery opens at midnight and closes at 8 in the morning on Sundays.

6. Mastry’s Brewing Co.

Mastry’s Brewing Company started as a pub from a family-owned restaurant in Florida back in 2014. Since its relocation in 2016 to St. Petersburg city, it became widely regarded as the first craft brewery complete with taprooms and tasting rooms on the whole St. Petersburg Beach line.

At present, Mastry’s Brewing Co. has 15 taps containing brews of the week and conventional beers. Beverages range from your typical west coast lagers to experimental beers. Locals always say “pick your poison” when coming over to Mastry’s Brewing Co. because you can even customize your order.

Mastry’s family history, pictures, and mementos fill the breweries’ interior. It has an exposed taproom with a smooth counter so you can talk to the bartenders and brewers while they are preparing your brew.

Many locals recommend the Black Sail stout out of Mastry’s Brewing Company which features a caramel taste with a slight tinge of spice. You can get this brew and many others when you visit the brewery at 7701 Blind Pass Road.

They are open on Monday from 2 pm to 9 pm and Tuesdays to Thursdays from 2 pm to 10 pm. You can have an enjoyable night out here on Fridays and Saturdays because they are open from 12 pm until 12 am. If you want to have a craft beer paired with your Sunday brunch, you can visit them from 12 pm to 9 pm on Sundays.

7. Dissent Craft Brewing Company

Known for being the city’s most isolated brewery and taproom, Dissent Craft Brewing Company does not have many decorations on the outside, but it looks sleek on the inside. Unlike other breweries with thousands of square foot property, Dissent Craft Brewing Company is standing on a unit inside Haines Road strip Mall.

The design is intentional as owners Chris Price and Dale Miller focus on global distribution instead of having a city destination bar. Even though their property is small, Dissent is popular in the city because of their craft. Their craft beer is filled with imagination and flavor- two traits that residents often search for in their beverages.

Dissent’s Hazy Mangover attracts more customers than any breweries’ marketing campaigns. Another excellent craft from Dissent is the Mexican cheesecake stout.

You can experience the taste of their creations from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 3 pm to 9 pm, and from Friday to Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm. They are open briefly from 12 pm to 6 pm on Sundays.

8. Sea Dog Brewing Co.

Last but not least on our list of must-visit breweries in St. Petersburg is the Sea Dog Brewing Co. 

If you want to enjoy craft beer with sand on your feet and hear the sound of waves meeting the shore, then you would enjoy Sea Dog Brewing Company. Having its roots in Bangor, Maine, Sea Dog is known by many as the beachside brewery in St. Petersburg. It has a 20 barrel-system and uses English malted barley to create its ales and German hops for most of its beers.

The brewery features on-site brewing so that you can watch the brewing in action up close. You can try their different Brews of the Day or enjoy the more traditional beers. Whatever your preference is, Sea Dog Brewing Co. can adjust.

If you are excited to try out their brews on the beachfront, you can visit them at 9610 Gulf Boulevard, Treasure Island, from Monday to Thursday from 11 am until 11 pm. They are also open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 11 am- 12 pm.

You’ll Never Run Out of Beer to Taste in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg will never run out of new beers to quench your tastebuds, and You Discover Florida will help you find it. Our catalogs include the best restaurants, hotels, and professional services in the Sunshine State. Our local directory is more extensive and more accurate compared to other guides. So if you want to have someone to help you establish your brand, you can contact us via [email protected]. You can also check our website to get more information on what we can do for you.

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