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Tips to Follow When You Visit Orlando for the First Time

Tips to Follow When You Visit Orlando for the First Time

Tips to Follow When You Visit Orlando for the First Time

Orlando, Florida is on the bucket list of millions of travelers. The City Beautiful is among the top vacation destinations. It’s easy to see why. Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. It also has an amazing and diverse range of eating and entertainment establishments. It’s also known for its gardens, museum, and wilderness.

The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming for those who will visit Orlando for the first time. It’s a good thing that the city’s tourism association is an active presence. You can always contact them for information. You can also use You Discover Florida to find what you need. And here are tips you should follow to make the most of your stay in Orlando.

Make an Itinerary

While Orlando is more known for Disney World and Universal Studios, it does have more to offer. The city has botanical gardens, farmers’ markets, and museums. You can tour historical sites or watch a live theater performance. You can also choose between shopping in an antique district or a modern shopping mall. You don’t have to wonder what to do in Orlando this weekend.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have time for everything though. It’s best if you determine in advance where you want to go or what you’re interested in seeing. Make an itinerary or a rough plan on how you’ll spend your vacation. Try to schedule days where you can relax and recover from all the excitement. And remember, it’s not a crime to skip Disney World in favor of a different adventure.

Buy Tickets in Advance

Are you planning on visiting the happiest place on Earth? Or do you want to visit Hogwarts? You’ll save yourself from a lot of stress and hassle if you buy your theme park tickets in advance. You won’t have to stand in line for hours to buy a ticket. You also won’t have to worry about the park increasing entrance fees. But make sure you buy your ticket from an official source.

You should also consider getting a combination ticket. This will give you access to all the theme parks at a good price. Aside from saving money, multi-park tickets also give you a lot of flexibility. You can go park hopping if you want. There are also multi-day tickets for those who want to return for more fun.

Time Your Vacation Well

Orlando is also known for its crowds. You should try to schedule your Florida vacation in the spring or autumn. You’ll enjoy great weather and won’t have to deal with monstrous crowds. Nothing ruins a vacation like a long queue to enter a park or get crushed while shopping. It’s also a good idea to avoid Orlando during the US holidays. This means spring break, Thanksgiving week, and the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Expect Unpredictable Weather

Orlando has a subtropical climate. Its rainy season lasts from May to October. You should wear comfy clothes but bring a jacket and an umbrella if you’re visiting during those months. Orlando’s weather is so unpredictable you can experience a quick afternoon shower. This is often followed by an hour or two of sun and humidity.

The city has an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. But even its dry winters can become chilly and wet without warning. First-time visitors should be ready for extreme weather conditions, including lightning and hurricanes.

Plan Your Meals

What’s going on in Orlando tonight? Awesome feasts the whole family can enjoy. Orlando is a melting pot of cultures. This is evident in its mix of five-star restaurants and budget eateries. You can dine in world-class establishments like Morimoto Asia. Or you can go where the locals go to eat.

First-time visitors should also have a game plan for meals. There are huge crowds in restaurants inside theme parks. The line for lunch is even longer than the ones for rides. Avoid the rush and eat after the lunch or dinner crowd is gone. You can also choose a diner outside the park. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of any free meal your hotel provides.

You should also consider going to all-you-can-eat restaurants. It’s the perfect solution for families. Children can be picky eaters so a buffet will give lots of options. Don’t forget to always bring a bottle of water and some snacks. Exploring the city can be tiring, especially when it’s hot. Make sure you stay hydrated.

Don’t Forget to Rest and Relax

Orlando is a busy city. Ask locals what’s going on in Orlando today and you’ll get different answers. It doesn’t mean you have to partake in every event. Remember that you’re on vacation. It’s a good time to relax. Pace yourself. There’s no need to rush through Disney World or visit every single museum.

Make sure you give yourself a break. This is even more crucial if you’re traveling with children. Let their energy levels dictate the pace of the day. You should also take a lot of rest stops. Sit for several minutes. Drink or find ways to cool down. Orlando is full of water fountains and sprinklers. There’s also nothing wrong with heading back to your hotel in the afternoon and getting some rest. Relax at the pool or watch a cinema. You’ll be well-rested and ready to head out again in the evening.

Have the Time of Your Life

Orlando is one of the best places to go on a vacation. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fifteenth visit. You can always find your way with You Discover Florida. We are the best and most extensive online directory of the Sunshine State. We have an array of categories, from shops to services. You can also list your business with us and make your mark. You can register or drop us a line at [email protected].

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