There’s More To Fort Myers That Meets The Eye | You Discover Florida Local
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There’s More to Fort Myers That Meets the Eye

There’s More to Fort Myers That Meets the Eye

There’s More to Fort Myers That Meets the Eye

Beyond the beautiful beaches, Fort Myers is also known for its shopping malls and fishing activities. It offers a wide variety of water sports and getaways for couples, friends, and family. The city also groomed two of the most historically significant individuals around the globe. Henry Ford bought a parcel of land downtown, located next to Thomas Edison’s property, who was his mentor. Today, that part of the city has museums that honor these men and their contributions to the modern world.

This city is more than just what meets the eye; it has a story to tell.

There’s More to Fort Myers That Meets the Eye | You Discover Florida

Traveling to Fort Myers

Air Traveling

It is not hard to get to this city from anywhere in the country. The Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is just 17 miles away from the heart of the city. It caters to numerous commercial flights that are certainly accessible to you. When you arrive, there are a lot of options to get to your hotel. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can hail a cab or take shuttle buses. The cheapest commute costs $1.50 with LeeTran buses, while cabs could cost $25-40.

Land traveling

By Car

Taking a car with you can also be a convenient option if you are okay with driving. Taking the I-75 route will lead you to Fort Myers. You will have no issues with parking within the city.

By Bus

You will certainly cut costs if you opt to ride a bus going to this city. The Greyhound bus network covers Fort Myers, so you need not worry about the routes. The bus stop is situated near the middle of the city at 2250 Widman Way, which makes hotels and other sites accessible.

What to Do in Fort Myers?

Edison and Ford Winter Estates. Walkway to Thomas Edisons home | You Discover Florida

Touring the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

These estates pay tribute to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, as well as their discoveries and inventions. Through this historical museum and botanical garden, both the locals and the tourists are reminded of the pride these men have brought to the city. The land these stand on are well-preserved and thus, create bountiful plants and trees. It is remarkable because the Edisons are the ones who planted these with their bare hands. There are century-old trees that you rarely could see anywhere else.

Visit the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

This city gives a premium to the gifts of mother nature. A 3,500-acre wetland creates a tropical setting that gives home to a wide variety of rare flowers and uncommon animals. You can enjoy this place as you stroll through nature with your loved ones and friends. From the views of trees to unique creatures from a distance, your eyes will certainly be refreshed with a different view. Birds will also serenade you as you walk on the boardwalk while enjoying the tranquility of the place. Beyond all of these, this experience can also be an educational trip since you can ask questions in the Interpretive Center.

Bunche Beach Fort Myers Florida sunset | You Discover Florida

Enjoy Bunche Beach

While there are several great options, Bunche Beach remains at the top of the line, according to many tourists. It gives room for complete relaxation with its laid-back vibes. The beach will satisfy your cravings for a life away from a bustling city filled with vehicular noises and air pollution. In this place, you will only see calming waves and free-roaming animals that coexist with people peacefully. Nature is the most important contributor to the architecture of this place. You will never allow yourself to miss out on this!

Young Manatee Close Up | You Discover Florida

Get up Close With Manatees in the Lee County Manatee Park

Manatees are creatures you will not usually see year-round. On winter days, this park is filled with manatees that naturally flock for warmth and rest in the water inlet. There are lots of protective measures taken by the park to preserve the sanctuary of animals in the area. Visitors enjoy the sight of these animals without harming them. It is a great experience for kids, as some activities can stimulate learning.

Be Here Soon!

Fort Myers will be a great experience for you as its uniqueness will make you remember it forever. This city has a story to tell, and you surely will have too!

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