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The 6 Best Breweries in Orlando That You Need to Check Out

The 6 Best Breweries in Orlando That You Need to Check Out

The 6 Best Breweries in Orlando That You Need to Check Out

Orlando is not just a wonderful place to settle down. Besides the beautiful places you can visit, Orlando also showcases craft breweries you’ll surely love. Going for craft beer can be a refreshing change of pace from the usual commercial beers out there. If you’re craving beers with a distinct taste, Orlando’s finest breweries do not disappoint.

For all the dads (and moms too) who love beer, being in Orlando puts you in a good place. Here at You Discover Florida, we have compiled the best craft breweries in the area. Check out this list and visit them afterward. Or if you’re on the road now, a slight detour for a short beer break is a good enough reason.

Orlando Brewing

1301 Atlanta Ave Orlando, FL 32806

Orlando Brewing opened its doors to beer connoisseurs in August 2001. Back then, they were the first craft brewery in Central Florida. In fact, Orlando Brewing was among the 600 craft breweries in the United States. John Cheek, president of Orlando Brewing, only had one simple goal: to create fresh and authentic beers.

Indeed, the old style of craft brewing has been lost due to the commercialization of beers. The partners of Orlando Brewing decided to follow the German Purity Law of 1516. As the years went by, craft breweries grew exponentially, but Orlando Brewing remains Central Florida’s pioneer. Located near Amtrak station and south of Downtown Orlando, you should check out and see if they have the Violators series on offer.

Ten10 Brewing Company

1010 Virginia Drive Orlando, FL 32803

Ten10 Brewing Company sits at the Mills 50 district, just ten minutes away from Downtown Orlando. This craft brewery is relatively new to the scene. In 2014, two beer enthusiasts—Mike Wallace and Patrick McPherson—opened this company to craft beer using the finest and purest ingredients.

What’s amazing about Ten10 is that the brewers are not scared to put their own identities on their beers. They experiment and introduce new flavors to the public. They also offer filling meals like sandwiches for people who’d like a snack while enjoying handcrafted beers.

Ivanhoe Park Brewing

1300 Alden Road Orlando, FL 32803

Located in the historic Ivanhoe District, the Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company aims to serve only the best beer with the best ingredients. They opened in 2018, and many beer lovers gained a liking to their products. Ivanhoe Park Brewing offers a tasting room that honors the beautiful and historical past of Ivanhoe Village. Perhaps, that’s why many beer enthusiasts flock to this craft brewery.

Ellipsis Brewing

7500 TPC Blvd, STE 8, Orlando, FL 32822

Craving for a beer after your flight? Well, there’s a close craft brewery that can satiate your desire for beer. Before going to the hotel, grab a pint at Ellipsis Brewing and gain your first impression in the local craft brewing scene. The founders of Ellipsis Brewing were just homebrewers who started with a five-gallon homebrew kit. Now, they’re managing a ten-barrel brewhouse, 10-bbl fermentation tanks, and 10-bbl bright tanks.

Ellipsis offers a wide range of flavors and recipes from original brews, pilsners, sours, porters, and many more. Indeed, everything at Ellipsis is a product of the founders’ passion for crafting beer.

Broken Strings Brewing

1012 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32805

Owned by a third-generation brewer, Broken Strings owes its craft beers to the generation’s worth of brewing experience. Charles Frizzell started Broken Strings as a continuation of a family tradition in crafting beers by his grandfather. You can find Broken Strings in Exploria Stadium in Downtown Orlando. Depending on the time of your visit, you can try different kinds of taps.

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