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Tampa: The Vacation That You Deserve

Tampa: The Vacation That You Deserve

Tampa: The Vacation That You Deserve

Tampa is home to some 392,800 individuals, making it the 3rd most populated city in Florida. It is characterized by its modern landmarks and historical architecture. Its cuisine is mostly founded on Cuban and Spanish influences. Visiting this city will surely satisfy your palates!

You will never run out of things to do in Tampa. It is part of the metropolitan area called the Tampa Bay Area, which is home to big businesses and modern industries. It is an excellent place to explore when it comes to family vacations, outdoor activities, and even economic opportunities.

There are many cities to choose from when deciding on a vacation spot. Why choose Tampa? Being the widest region in Tampa Bay, Tampa has a wide variety of options for entertainment and leisure. Here are just some of the reasons you need to visit this city:

Ybor City, Centro Espanol in 7th Ave | You Discover Florida

It Is the Cigar Capital of the US

The cigar industry has modernized, allowing for easier production and distribution of cigarettes. Most of us have seen only the commercialized versions of cigarettes and tobacco. Here in Tampa, you can still see torcedores rolling up hand-made cigars from scratch. When you visit areas along La Septima Avenida, the skills and techniques of the locals will surprise you.

Most tourists who had been here would recommend that you tour the neighborhood with a resident named Lonnie Herman. He will give you informative cultural tours and historical lessons about this entire place. Indeed, you will appreciate Cuban culture more if you decide to do this.

It Is the Best Gateway to Tampa Bay

Getting to Tampa Bay will eventually lead you to the Gulf of Mexico, where you’ll have endless choices for beaches and surfing. While other resorts are found in other cities, there are plenty of resort picks, even just by staying in Tampa alone.

Family Having Fun Stand Up Paddling Together in Tampa | You Discover Florida

Urban Kai Stand Up Paddle Board Shop 

This is great for adults who would like to try stand-up paddleboarding. It is a low-impact form of physical activity without even noticing it because of the thrill and fun you are having. You can book instructors to help you with the sport. Although I must warn you that people get hooked after attending the class. It is rewarding to see water animals such as turtles and dolphins when your skills are good enough.

Pedal floating bikes on Tampa Bay Florida USA | You Discover Florida

Tampa Bay Water Bikes

For only $30, you will experience an extraordinary way of touring Downtown Tampa. It is suitable for teenagers and adults of any skill level, as the water bikes are designed for easy usage. An hour-long of water biking is perfect for this thrilling adventure.

The Food

Up to date, the culinary culture in this city has not been overpowered by fleeting modern-day trends. It remains classic and traditional, with old restaurants still serving the best seller dishes in the city. Some of them are as follows:

Delicious Surf n Turf dish at Columbia Restaurant | You Discover Florida

Columbia Restaurant 

Columbia Restaurant is not just the oldest restaurant in Tampa but in the entire state.  It is now on the 5th generation of the same Cuban family who established it. They serve the best Cuban food and drinks such as paellas, sandwiches, and mojitos with a warm welcome — just like what they do in Cuban cultures.

A Crowded Heights Public Market in Tampa | You Discover Florida

Heights Public Market 

Formerly known as Armature Works, this modernized food place is now called Heights Public Market. It occupies a 50-acre waterfront area on the Riverwalk. Here you can find local food stalls, pizza places with unique food-making techniques, barbeques, and other Spanish and Cuban combos.

Ulele Main Dishes cooked with the freshest ingredients from Florida | You Discover Florida


This restaurant competes with the previously mentioned ones. It got its name from a Native American princess. Today, it is a good place to go for getting beer as it has an in-house brewery. Ulele serves local Floridian dishes, plus fantastic scenery from the restaurant itself.

Tampa is one of the most underrated cities in Florida. However, it has a rich culture of its own that is distinct from its neighbors. You will only understand it if you try out their cuisine and converse with the locals.

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