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Seafood Festivals to Look Forward to in Florida

Seafood Festivals to Look Forward to in Florida

Seafood Festivals to Look Forward to in Florida

Seafood connects us to the bountiful harvest of the sea. And what better place to celebrate these amazing delicacies than in the coastal state of Florida? Seafood is such an integral part of the livelihood here that the state hosts various seafood festivals throughout the year.

Trust us when we say: you definitely don’t want to miss these events. Even if you’re not a bonafide seafood connoisseur, the sights and attractions alone are worth the visit.

With that in mind, let’s help you discover some of the most amazing seafood festivals in Florida that we can look forward to in the coming months. Get your calendars and take note of the dates. Let’s dive in.

Stone Crab on a plate with ice ready to be served | You Discover Florida

Stone Crab Festival

SCHEDULE: October 23-25, 2021

You read that right. The Stone Crab Festival is indeed happening this year. While it’s still the beginning of the second quarter of 2021, there is still no announcement regarding its cancellation. However, there’s something to look forward to this year. The organizers of the event advertise it as a “COVID-Conscious” event. So don’t forget to bring your masks from October 23 to 25.

The festival will feature live performances from local artists featuring Josh Cruz and The Experience on October 24. This festival will be held on a weekend, so plan your trip to Downtown Naples as early as today.

Pensacola Seafood Festival

SCHEDULE: November 6-8, 2021

Slated initially on September 24 to 26, the Pensacola Seafood Festival has been moved to a later date. However, one thing’s for sure. There’s a high chance that you’ll get to enjoy the seafood harvest from the Gulf. From the classic fried mullet to delectable shrimps, your taste buds will love the Cajun, French, and Spanish flavors.

Children will also enjoy Bartram Park, where tons of fun activities, arts and crafts, and educational activities await. Kids can learn more about the Gulf’s marine life with the help of the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory. This festival is free of charge, so schedule your trip to Pensacola now.

Florida Seafood Festival

SCHEDULE: November 5-6, 2021

The Florida Seafood Festival must be one of your most awaited festivals last year. Unfortunately, it was rescheduled this November 2021. However, let’s hope the event pushes through so that you’ll get to enjoy the fanfare and entertaining events like the oyster eating contest and the oyster shucking contest. The children can enjoy the attractions at the carnival while the adults much on tasty crabs and shrimp.

Everglades City Seafood Festival

SCHEDULE: February 10-12, 2022

Mark your calendars because the Everglades City Seafood Festival is ready to open its doors to seafood and attraction lovers this coming 2022. Though their 2021 schedule was canceled, there’s still hope that the 2022 festival will push through. In less than a year, you can enjoy the fun attractions, delicious seafood, and live performances at Everglades City. Besides that, the festival is open to everyone. There’s no entrance fee. See you in front of the Everglades City Hall!

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