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Jacksonville: Rediscovering a Different Side of Florida

Jacksonville: Rediscovering a Different Side of Florida

Jacksonville: Rediscovering a Different Side of Florida

You may know it as Jacksonville right now, but when you meet the locals and explore the city, you will be calling it “Jax” too! This hippest city comprises Florida’s youngest population. No wonder tourists who come over always leave with a more youthful spirit.

Jax is not only a gateway to the different side of Florida; it is the different side of Florida itself. Here, you get to have wild and fun parties at night while still having a laid-back setting during the day.

With its beaches of 22 miles, professional fishing activities, artistic streets, mostly coastal cuisine, and utterly delicious beer, it is a city you can undoubtedly distinguish from the rest!

Geography and Climate

Do you know that Jacksonville is the biggest city in America? It stretches out as 840 square miles, giving you endless places to visit. It is found in the northeast corner of Florida, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean as it sits along the St. John’s River.

This city experiences four different seasons. Although it offers coolness in spring and fall, slightly snowy in winter, and warmness in summer, it certainly is still sunshiney any time of the year.

Tourists flock the city mostly in summer, but they are never truly gone all year round.

Natural Attractions

Of its 840 square miles of land, the only form of architecture that can fill up most of the space is mother nature’s work! There are around 80,000 acres parks in this city,  including 3 National Parks, 7 State Parks and more than 400 City Parks, but here are two of the most popular:

The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens – 120 acres of land filled with urban wood for visitors to explore. A 2-acre lake is situated in the middle, which serves as a sanctuary to many water animals. You can also hike or merely stroll around this vast garden. There is no admission fee, but visitors are usually asked to donate $3 to help with the maintenance and operations of this place.

Big Talbot Island State Park – A natural preserve ideal for studying nature, sightseeing a myriad of bird species, and enjoying photography. Visitors can hike along the trails in this park in this park without running out of scenic views. Family picnics and other similar activities are suited for this area.

Get a sense of what real beer tastes like in Jax! The city has many breweries, and all have something different to offer. Do not miss out on these tourist-approved ones:

Bold City Brewery – Besides Jax, Jacksonville is also known as the Bold City. This local brewery was born after a mother and son took a bold move of quitting their day jobs to start this beer place. Their creations are now patronized by locals and tourists who visit the area.

Kickbacks Gastropub – This gastropub offers different food varieties. It has around 200 taps of distinct beers that cover local flavors and a collection of Belgian libations. This place is unique because of its beer cellar. You can also store beer in a beer locker to assure no one will take them away throughout the night.
The Beaches

Of course, nobody would believe you had a trip to Jax if you had not been to any of its amazing beaches. You will inevitably find yourself going to at least one of these places when you visit this city.

Neptune Beach – This beach is set apart from the central city by the Intracoastal Waterway. It offers a pristine coastline with untouched sand. Neptune Beach is different from the others because of the local feel it has. It is not as crowded as most beaches, not very commercialized, and is run mostly by locals.

Jacksonville Beach – Just on the south of Neptune Beach, you’ll find this  crowd-pleaser. It is a residential area filled with businesses and establishments in the neighborhood. Of course, it has a vast space filled with sand to accommodate the sunbathing plans of its visitors. You will know what it’s like to swim in the Atlantic Ocean and the taste of fresh catches from Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier shall you decide to spend your day here.

Final Thoughts

Jax is a different experience, mainly if you have visited other Floridian cities before. Your activities in this place range from complete relaxation to wild getaways. It is not surprising that there is so much more to Florida than the typical

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