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17071 West Dixie Highway Suite 301,North Miami Beach, Florida 33160, United States


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About GloberDesign

GloberDesign is a prototype company for all your industrial design and product design inventions. If you have an idea of a new invention we can help you make it into a real product. Our talented industrial engineers can do concept sketches, 3d modeling, and 3D printing. We can also assist in patent drawings, mass production in the USA and in Asia. We look forward to helping you with the launching of your new product idea.

Our Services:


  • 3d Printing Manufacturing
  • Prototype Design


  • Product Animation
  • Architectural Animation
  • 3D Illustration
  • Concept Sketches
  • 3D Modeling
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Cad Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Pop Display


  • Product Marketing
  • Product Licensing


  • Patent Services
  • Patent Drawings
  • Provisional Patent Application
  • Utility Patent
  • Trademark
  • Design Patent
  • Copyright

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Jonathan Globerson


Prototyping, 3d Printing Manufacturing, Prototype Design, Design, Product Animation, Architecterial Animation, 3d Illustration

Business Owner

Jonathan Globerson

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I'm Jonathan Globerson, owner of GloberDesign. I have been designing and developing products for over 12 years. My company is committed to providing quality service while maintaining the highest level of integrity.


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