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Discover Tampa’s Best Craft Breweries

Discover Tampa’s Best Craft Breweries

Discover Tampa’s Best Craft Breweries

Beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts will love what Tampa has to offer in terms of craft breweries. In pursuit of high-quality and non-commercialized beers, Tampa’s craft breweries are among Orlando’s most reputable breweries, and with good reason.

This means that if you live in or near Tampa, you need not go far to taste the best craft beers because the best selections are just around the neighborhood.

Here at You Discover Florida, we feature some of the best foods, drinks, events, and attractions that the Sunshine State has to offer. Let us walk you through our top picks of Tampa’s famous and reputable craft breweries that beer connoisseurs recommend. Aside from tasty beers made with natural ingredients, each of the breweries below offer a unique blend of their signature flavor.

3 Daughters Brewing

222 22nd St S, St Petersburg, FL 33712

To start, 3 Daughters Brewing is the largest brewery in St. Petersburg. It all started with Mike and Ty Weaver. They were working on a simple craft beer recipe one day, and they were outselling local beers on the next. However, what’s intriguing about this brewery is its name. Why is it called “3 Daughters?”

Well, Mike and his wife thought of something. They were simply thinking about how many beers they need to sell to send three daughters to college. And voila, that’s the inspiration to their business name. Visit the 3 Daughters tasting room at the Grand Central District and knock yourself out with games, events, and activities.

Hidden Spring Ale Works

1631 N. Franklin St. Tampa, Florida 33602

Hidden Spring Ale Works is Tampa Heights’ precious spot. Hidden in a neighborhood near Hillsborough River and a few blocks away from Downtown Tampa, Hidden Spring offers a refuge for beer lovers who yearn for the best-tasting beer. Open seven days a week, the brewery hosts events to entertain its guests and encourage local patronage.

They have Yappy Hour Mondays and Run the Heights Thursdays. Hidden Spring’s famous concoctions are the Peanut Butter Deja Moo and Muppet Face Killah. Indeed, you should not miss the Hidden Spring Ale Works when visiting Tampa.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

YBOR CITY – 1600 East 8th Ave Tampa, FL 33605

WESTCHASE – 13937 Monroes Business Park Tampa, FL 33635

Tampa Bay Brewing Company (TBBC) is Florida’s oldest and largest independent brewing company. The company was established in 1995, and it remains strong up to this day. If you’re new to beers, TBBC must be your initiation place. With more than 12 homebrewed craft beers, you can have your beer initiation ritual and decide which brew you like most.

TBBC’s taprooms are filled with different kinds of brews. They rotate the flavors and release seasonal flavors to keep patrons coming back. However, the all-year-round basics will always be available.

Rock Brothers Brewing Company

1901 N 15th St, Tampa, FL 33605, United States

The idea of Rock Brothers Brewing Company started in Atlanta, Georgia, but it all materialized in Tampa. Rock Brothers are not your traditional craft brewery. This company enjoys the art of brewery and the art of music. As a result, Rock Brothers aim to unite beer and music to create a unique business model in the industry.

Rock Brothers Brewing Company also supports artists and musicians by inviting them to their place to showcase their talent. It also aims to provide a revenue stream for local bands and singers. Couple it with a few pints of beer, you’ll indeed have a great night under the mercy of beautiful music.

81Bay Brewing Company

4465 W Gandy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33611

Though new to the craft brewing scene, 81Bay Brewing finds its unique taste with the idea of celebrating beer, recreation, and relaxation. Three Floridians founded 81Bay with the end goal of providing a recreational place for people while enjoying their beers. The taproom is filled with recreational options like card games, board games, pool, and many more.

Indeed, staying at 81Bay is the best place to relax from a busy day at work (or at home) with friends who’d like to have quality time.

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