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Clearwater: The Place That Lives Up to Its Name

Clearwater: The Place That Lives Up to Its Name

Clearwater: The Place That Lives Up to Its Name

It is not named Clearwater for no good reason. This city boasts a nature-bestowed gift of having several beaches with the most transparent waters you will ever see! Beyond that, you are assured of seeing a beautiful ray of sunshine every morning as this place showcases 361 days of sunshine annually on average.

Even getting here is effortless. With two airports such as St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport and Tampa International Airport located near the city, this area is accessible from any place in the country. It is not a surprise that families choose Clearwater for the holidays.

For people who have not been here, keep on reading! You have a lot to learn about this city. Be careful not to book a flight yet; let’s wait for this pandemic to be over. Meanwhile, here are some ideas on what you can do when you visit Clearwater.

Go Beach Hopping (and More!)

Go Beach Hopping | You Discover Florida

Clearwater Beach remains a popular vacation spot as the beauty of the shorelines never fade away. Whether you are an avid fan of surfing, open water swimming, tanning, or just strolling along the beach, this spot is perfect for you.

Somewhere along the shore, you may visit some souvenir stalls and surf shops. The food in this resort is remarkable. Since they cater to many tourists, they make sure to only serve world-class food.

Blue Heron in Sand Key Park on the Gulf of Mexico | You Discover Florida

Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park offers both a beautiful beach and a park. The beach, on top of its beautiful scenery, acts as nature’s home for some sea animals. There is an area where sea turtles lay their eggs every year. Clearwater Aquarium makes sure that these creatures are well-protected and taken care of. Guests may be lucky enough to witness some phenomenal happenings if they are there at the perfect moment.

Meanwhile, the park serves as an avenue for several activities with its many facilities. Children can play on the playground. You can walk your pet in the dog park and set up a picnic table for a group. Birds and some land animals also consider this place as their sanctuary, so tourists must be mindful of their actions.

Do What the Locals Do

Sunset at Clearwater Beach Pier Florida | You Discover Florida

Going to Pier 60

One local culture and practice in Clearwater is heading to Pier 60 a to witness a mesmerizing sunset. This area is packed with performers of different kinds that show the unique talents and skills of the people residing in the area. Of course, you will also not be disappointed with the fresh and affordable seafood available here. Come over to unwind after a day of endless activities.

Places to Stay in Clearwater

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa | You Discover Florida

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

This resort was renovated last 2017 to provide the best facilities to its guests. It is situated in the heart of Clearwater Beach and is a convenient neighbor of Pier 60. Occupying 10 acres of land on the top-rated beach in the country, this hotel makes all the best things accessible to you. The views from your hotel room and the restaurants you dine in could not get any better. Event halls are also available for any kind of celebration. Seafood served in this hotel is from the freshest catches of the day. Get the best of Clearwater by staying here.

Sheraton Resort Hotel Swimming pool | You Discover Florida

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

Located at the waterfront on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Sheraton Sand Key Resort makes convenience part of your routine. It is owned by Clearwater Beach as well. This hotel sits next to Sand Key Park. With the park so close, you can be there anytime you want without spending your numbered days traveling from the beach to your hotel.

Pier 60 is also situated just within walking distance from this place. You can make the most out of the amenities of the hotel, such as private beach access, outdoor pools, fitness center, and sports center. There are 14 event venues, some of which overlook the beach and the sunset. Even the food here is fantastic! Just choose among the five eateries that serve dishes boasting Caribbean flavors of coastal Florida.

Experience what it is like to live life by the beach. Here in Clearwater, the beach is with you wherever you go.

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