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Best Time to Visit Orlando

Best Time to Visit Orlando

Best Time to Visit Orlando

Orlando has almost always been one of the go-to destinations for tourists. Aside from its pleasant weather, there are also plenty of things to do in the city. Orlando is perfect for any kind of traveler, whether you’re traveling on your own, with your friends, with someone special, or with your family. There’s an adventure waiting for just about anyone.

If you’re planning to go to Orlando any time soon, then you should know when to book your plane tickets, plan an itinerary, and make that hotel reservation. This way, you’ll make the most out of your trip and take home valuable memories with you.

When to Visit

The ideal time to visit Orlando is usually between Mid-January and May. During these months, it’s less likely to rain, and in the afternoon, the temperature usually ranges from the mid to upper sixties. Those months allow you to experience sunny weather and respite from the cold if you come from a colder climate. Also, there are some times during these months where there are fewer tourists. Thus, the accommodations are affordable since there’s less demand.

Since Orlando is a major tourist destination, people usually flock to its popular amusement parks and tourist attractions. So visiting during the offseason you can save money while still enjoying what Orlando has to offer. However, Easter and spring break happens during this period, so it’s best to book in advance if your travel period falls on those occasions.

The City’s Weather

The State of Florida has a subtropical climate. That’s what has earned it the moniker the Sunshine State, so expect Orlando’s weather to be sunshiny and humid. During the summer, the temperatures can go into the nineties, and if you factor in the humidity, it can sometimes feel like the temperature is in the hundreds.

The weather in Orlando during winter and spring is more moderate. The temperature in the day can range between the fifties and seventies. On the other hand, the temperature at night can dip to the forties. These seasons are also the driest, with less rain per month.

The hot and humid weather continues until around the end of September. June to October is hurricane season, and although hurricanes don’t usually hit Florida, it’s best to take note of that if you’re planning to visit in the fall.

Peak Season

One of the reasons Florida is famous as a family destination is its numerous theme parks and tourist spots for kids. You can find most of these theme park attractions in Orlando, so the peak season in Orlando is generally during the school holidays.

If you’d like to avoid the crowd and long lines in tourist spots, avoid planning your trip during students’ summer vacation, spring break, etc. You may also want to steer clear during family occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving since some families visit family members during those times and these recreational areas tend to get jampacked.

Best Time to Head to the Beach

Florida is known for its sandy beaches with turquoise waters. So if you’re planning for a tropical getaway near the beach, you should go between March and May. It’s during these months that the temperature is in the seventies. Also, there’s a lesser chance of rain, so it’s a perfect time to enjoy the sand, sea, and swimming. By the time June arrives, it brings with it the storm season, and that can dampen your beach plans.

Ideal Time for Theme Parks

Orlando’s theme parks are what usually attract tourists to the city. If visiting all the theme parks is part of your itinerary, knowing the ideal time to go is essential.

You’ll have to decide what kind of experience you’re looking forward to with Orlando’s amusement parks. If you’d like to go when the crowds are thin, then plan your trip on days when there are no school holidays. It’s also during school holidays that accommodation and plan tickets are at their priciest.

Book a trip between mid-January to mid-march and around the second week of April until mid-May. These are the off-peak seasons. Don’t forget that from mid-March to the first week of April is spring break for students, so you might want to steer clear of those periods.

When the Prices Are the Lowest

Planning a trip shouldn’t have to break the bank. So if you want to visit Orlando on a budget, plan your trip between mid-January and mid-February. During that time, most tourists have already headed home after the holidays.

As tourists head home during this period, expect accommodations and plane tickets to get cheaper. However, if you can’t make it in those months, the next ideal time for budget travelers would be between mid-September to early December. However, you have to note that Labor Day weekend, Halloween, and Thanksgiving also fall on those months. So better plan a trip around those holidays.

Tourist Attraction Availability

With Florida’s tropical and sunshiny climate, it’s possible for most tourist attractions to be open the whole year. However, there are some that are exemptions to the rule. Most of Orlando’s water parks are closed during winter. So it’s recommended to ask them first about their availability before booking your trip. Also, some amusement parks like Disney World have slightly shorter operation hours during the fall and winter seasons.

Orlando’s Hottest Time

Orlando’s hottest temperature is between mid-June to mid-September. In August, the average daytime temperature is as high as 82℉, and it dips to around 72℉ at night. Sometimes, in the afternoon, thunderstorms may come to put an end to the daytime heat, so if your trip is around these months, better stock up on some sunscreen and remember to stay hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Orlando earned its reputation as a tourist destination because it can cater to almost any type of traveler. With plenty of attractions to choose from, there’s always something for everybody. So it’s best to know the best times of the year for your visit. That way, you’ll maximize your vacation while making it more customized according to your likes and needs.

If you’re planning to visit other nearby cities after Orlando, then you should head to You Discover Florida to help you plan your itinerary. You’ll find the perfect tourist spots and events for you and your companions and get an idea of what to expect. Learn more about Florida on our site now!

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