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Beat the Heat With These 5 Must Visit Breweries in Miami

Beat the Heat With These 5 Must Visit Breweries in Miami

Beat the Heat With These 5 Must Visit Breweries in Miami

It’s sunny, and the weather is nice. It’s not too hot or too humid. Indeed, it’s a great day to drink ice-cold beer and hang out with friends. Miami is teeming with craft breweries that can satisfy every beer lover’s cravings. Each of them has its unique gimmicks to make your experience worthwhile. Here are six must-visit breweries that can beat the heat in the Miami area. Let’s start.

Beat the Heat With These 5 Must Visit Breweries in Miami | You Discover Florida

Wynwood Brewing Co.

Address: 565 NW 24 Street, Miami FL 33127

It is only in recent years that the Miami craft beer scene started to gain popularity. However, Wynwood Brewing Co. is the first taphouse and production brewery in Miami. That’s why visiting Wynwood Brewing is non-negotiable.

It’s like paying respect to the pioneers. If you’re just visiting Miami, you should first try La Rubia. It is one of their classic best sellers. However, you can also explore other variants like Pops Porter, Laces Ipa, and Caribbean Sour.

The Tank Brewing Co. Beers | You Discover Florida

The Tank Brewing Co.

Address: 5100 NW 72nd Ave. Bay A1 Miami, FL 33166

Before COVID-19 pushed everyone into their houses, the Tank Brewing Co. was a famous community venue for beer lovers and casual drinkers. People who want to have a good time go here because they host live concerts and 5K races. They also have a cigar room for people who’d like to smoke and savor a glass of beer at the same time.

Here’s a pro tip. The Freedom Tower American Amber is Tank’s classic craft. However, it tastes much better if you get it fresh at the brewery.

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Tripping Animals Brewing Co.

Address: 2685 NW 105th Ave, Doral, FL 33172

If you’re looking for beer and nice artwork, Tripping Animals Brewing Co. is your go-to place. Tripping Animals feature unique artwork of animals with a modern-retro kind of style. Kids will surely enjoy admiring cartoon animals and have lots of fun at the Animal Roots and Rock Garden, an open patio for the kids to run around. Mind you, dogs are welcome on the patio as well.

They have a wide selection of beer available. If you want to make things more interesting, don’t ask about the taste of the beer. Just look at the beer’s artwork design and create a bold decision.

Beers by J. Wakefield Brewing | You Discover Florida

J. Wakefield Brewing

Address: 120 NW 24th St Miami, FL 33127

Star Wars fans, assemble! J. Wakefield Brewing is your next go-to place if you’re a fan of the Star Wars movies. While you’re enjoying their classic Dragon Fruit Passion Fruit (DFBF) Berliner Weisse, large wall arts of Yoda and Darth Vader will join you with a glass of beer. Once you visit J. Wakefield, forget about other craft beers.

Order the DFBF Berliner Weisse. It’s their bestseller, though its popularity means the beer may often be out of stock. So, order it while it’s available and discover other flavors later on.

Miami Beer Company Products | You Discover Florida

M.I.A. Beer Company

Address: 10400 NW 33rd Street, Suite 150, Doral, FL 33172

M.I.A. Beer Company’s taphouse offers a rustic vibe. It’s perfect for people who want to unwind. If you wish to sit down and enjoy your beer without distractions, M.I.A. is your place. The famous choice here is Miami Weisse, and it’ll be your go-to choice if you’re undecided. You can’t go wrong with the Miami Weisse. But if you’d like a less popular beer, M.I.A. has over 50 draft beers, so knock yourself out.

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